La Martina was founded by Lando Simonetti, who was working in the fashion industry in the United States until 1985. That year he moved back to his native Argentina. The company originally created leather products such as saddles and boots for use in the sport of polo, and following this the company moved into the creation of other apparel such as shirts and caps. 65% of the materials used in the products are sourced locally in Argentina. In addition to La Martina, Simonetti also founded the Polo Management Group, which managed international polo tournaments in partnership with La Martina.

As of 2000 the company had sales of $1.2 million and its products could be purchased over the Internet. Over the 2000s sales for the company then increased to $200 million. At this point, the company began to refocus on polo equipment instead of pure fashion, rearranging its business operations in Europe in order to attempt the new direction. Sales slowed, though they did continue to grow at about twenty percent, in an effort to lessen the dilution of the “luxury” reputation of the brand. In 2015 La Martina opened its first store in London, and it has additional stores in North America, South America, and Asia.