Eton Business Formal


Eton Business Formal

Banish boredom from the boardroom.

Also known as the boardroom attire, business formal represents the highest level of professional dressing. But fear not. What many feel are the limitations of office wear are actually strengths. You just need to know the basics.

One, focus on quality materials. Whether you’re stepping off of a plane or your morning train ride, having a suit made from the right cloth ensures it will resist creases and wrinkles, so that you always arrive in style. Two, it’s all about the tailoring – a slick fusion of construction expertise and individuality with a contemporary feel. Think a single-breasted style with peak lapels, buttoned cuffs and a back vent for comfort. Three, don’t reinvent the color wheel. While we’re not demanding that you stick to the staples that are black, charcoal and navy, we would encourage you to experiment and dabble with the entire color palette. Understand what shades go together and why, and spruce up those muted tones with a creative accessory. Simple, right?.

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